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Behind The Mic

Annastazia Rugaba

Show Host -D Love

Annastazia is the Managing Director of Deep FM. She has a Master’s degree in Media Practice for International Development. She has worked with the Government and Non-Government Institutions as the Advocacy, Media, Communications and Engagement expert.

Aaron D.Ilani - Muungwana

Show Host - D Ibada

Aaron D. Ilani (Muungwana) is the Program Manager Producer of DFM. He has a bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from Uganda Christian University (UCU). He has worked with Non Governmental Institutions as a Mass Communications and Relationship expert. 

Innocent Mashauri

Show Host D - Hits

Innocent mashauri is the media personality (radio presenter) of Deep FM. He has a vast experience in the media productions industry in Tanzania. He has worked as the online digital operator, Producer of Programs, jingles, promos and advertisements, presenter and host of Radio and TV Programs, video producer and editor, voice over artist and a Christian Journalist.

Amos Kamukuru

Show Host D - Youth

Amos is the legal Manager at Deep FM. He is also a presenter and program host at Deep FM. He graduated his bachelor of laws (LLB Hons) from the University of Dar es salaam – school of law. Amos is gifted, talented and creative. These three attributes have made him to perform better in areas outside his career.

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