Mahusiano Nje ya Utaratibu

Mashine ni kifaa chochote ambacho hutumika kurahisisha kazi. Mfano kisu ni mashine ambayo hutumika kurahisisha kazi ya kukatakata vitu kama vile nyama, nyanya, matunda n.k. lakini kisu hicho hicho kinaweza kutumika kwa matumizi mengine pia kama vile silaha inayoweza kutoa uhai wa binadamu au hata mnyama. Mahusiano nayo ni kama kisu. Yanaweza yakawa mazuri kwa upande mmoja au kuwa mabaya kwa upande mwingine.

Mwalimu Peter Mitimingi anafundisha madhara ya kuwa na mahusiano nje ya utaratibu wa ki-Mungu kupitia DFM. Mwl Peter Mitimingi kupitia kituo chake cha youtube anasema utaratibu wa ki-Mungu hauna “boyfriend wala girlfriend” na kwa wanaofanya hivyo basi wameanzisha mahusiano nje ya utaratibu wa Mungu. Utaratibu sahihi ni uchumba halafu hatua ya ndoa ndo ifuate. Zipo hasara mbalimbali anazoweza kupata mtu akiwa kwenye mahusiano yaliyo nje ya utaratibu wa Mungu.

Je, unafahamu njia za kuwa na mahusiano ya utaratibu wa kimungu? Sikiliza kipindi cha D-LOVE kupata nondo nyingi zaidi kuhusu mahusiano na vimbwenga vyake kwa kubofya hapa.



About DFM

Deep Radio FM is an online radio which is dedicated to inspire, motivate and amuse listeners through an eclectic mix of Christian music, educational and social affairs programs and services. DFM is the forum that allows all people from all works of life to benefit from deep knowledge on issues that can promote positive social change and transform people’s destinies but typically lack media access and continuity. It is registered in Tanzania with having radio license from TCRA

Our vision: To provide our esteemed listeners with deep and exceptional divine services in the world of digital content.

Our mission: To produce compelling content that inspires, motivate and encourages people to have purposeful relationship with God and have their Destinies divinely transformed.

Our story: Deep FM is basically originated from Luke 5:4 which says, ‘When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a catch.”

Our Values:

  • We Trust in God. Our faith, trust, and hope is in Christ. God’s Word guides our decisions, refreshes us, and creates within us an unshakable faith. Our dependence on God is reflected in our commitment to prayer.
  • We Learn, Improve, and Grow. We challenge and stretch ourselves, each other and the whole Deep Community to realize the full potential God has graced us with.
  • We create an Extraordinary Impact. We serve an extraordinary God who deserves our all. He allows us to create, produce and share contents with His life-changing message.
  • We are Passionate, Creative, and we do have fun while living a purpose driven life
  • Innovative ideas and solutions, individual initiatives, and team work makes our work and lives more interesting.
  • In His Strength. It’s not about us


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